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Naphthalene black 12B- Acid black 1

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Properties and Applications: blue and black. Dark brown powder. A blue-black soluble in water, soluble in ethanol is blue, slightly soluble in acetone, insoluble in other organic solvents. Meet strong sulfuric acid is blue light green, the bright blue light generated after diluted precipitation; Nitric acid solution in a dark after Red sauce for change, and it will generate dark green light blue after diluted precipitation; Nitric acid solution in a dark red to sauce; 10% sodium hydroxide solution in a bright blue. It with strong hydrochloric acid aqueous solution of the generation of green light blue precipitation; Add sodium hydroxide solution generation blue precipitation. In dyeing copper and iron ion, its colour and lustre is the former micro change, the latter slightly with green light. Even dye the gender is poorer. Mainly used for wool, silk, polyamide fiber and its blended fabric dyeing and printing, also can be used for paper, electrical-controlled aluminum, soap, wood, biological, leather, medicine and cosmetics shading, also can be used in the manufacture of ink.


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